Bob Downie, Consultant Petroleum Geologist: About Me

Who am I and what is this blog about?

I am a Glasgow-based consultant petroleum geologist with over 30 years experience. By background, I am really a sedimentologist but as the years go by I look at less and less core and more and more seismic and wireline log data. This is not necessarily a bad thing as my background in sedimentology helps me populate these data with geologically credible models. I still find time to do fieldwork most years with my current stomping ground being in East African countries. In particular I have been doing a lot of work in the Rukwa and Lake Nyasa Rifts of SW Tanzania. Below is a picture from a spectacular ravine in the Lake Rukwa Rift where we were able to prove the presence of lacustine turbidite sediments and deltaic clinoforms.  This is clear evidence that the paleo-Lake was once deep, in striking contrast to present-day very shallow water. This has major implications for the petroleum prospectivity of the Rukwa Rift.

These days I work almost exclusively in new ventures exploration geology seeking out areas that have been under-evaluated or wholly overlooked in the global search for hydrocarbons. It keeps me busy and my the amount of detailed geographic knowledge I have acquired about the world means that I can bore for Scotland.

So what is this blog for? I am sure it will evolve but at moment I envisage that I will make posts on interesting things I am working on and pictures of places I visit. I will also likely post pictures of places I have visited We shall see.


Hope you like it






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